Here is he correct information from "The Dictionary of Violin Makers". Notice they misspelled Schroepfer and Antigo.

Thanks to Jim Novak for the correct information.


Austria once was part of the Bohemian Empire.


This information was taken from the book "The Violin Makers of the United States". What is printed is incorrect. As you can see from the obituary, there was no Joseph Schroepfer, it should have said John.

Thanks to Steve Eddy sending this information out of the book.


John Schroepfer's obituary.

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I would like to thank Chris Portman for photographing John and Theresa's tombstone at the Queen of Peace Cemetery, Antigo, WI. Before taking the picture, he scrubbed it with a brush and water to remove the moss that had grown on it.



Some original tools that John used to make the violins.


Notice the thumb plane was repaired from extensive use.


Thanks to Ed Schroepfer and Jim Novak for giving me some of John's tools.